HSE SupaV Multi-Vitamin Cream 100ml
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HSE SupaV Multi-Vitamin Cream 100ml

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SupaV Multi-Vitamin Cream is a power packed tub of rich, silky skin and hair moisture. Specifically formulated for delicate equine skin, SupaV is designed for use on the body where a little TLC is required.  Supercharged Vitamin A is the workhorse in this concentrated cream, Vitamin E is a premium anti-oxidant and Vitamins B3 & B5 boost hydration & moisture retention in the skin, Lanolin & Organic Coconut provide long lasting barrier protection in the harshest conditions.

A little SupaV goes a long way, and is a great staple to keep handy for all those scrapes, nicks, dry patches and rubs horses love to throw at us.


  1. Smooths & improves the appearance of scars
  2. Long lasting hydration for dry, flaky skin
  3. Keeps skin soft and supple
  4. Highly moisturising
  5. Fast absorption
  6. Non greasy
  7. Concentrated & economical

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